The search begins

Divorce not only meant losing a partner it also felt like I was losing a piece of myself but what I later found will shock you. My peace was shaken, the floor beneath me was faltering and the pieces started to come apart, that's what a divorce felt like. Yet I was so immersed in the relationship that I was missing a huge point and that was that, in the mess of trying to save my marriage I had lost who I was and that even though it felt like hell losing my life partner at the time I had to lose him to regain me. We sometimes involve ourselves so immensely in the idea of these so-called roles that we forget who we were before these journeys. After my divorce, I felt so lost but, It was because I'd forgotten who I was before meeting him. I felt like shattered glass, unable to put myself together again, until slowly I learned that loving myself was the cure to all my pain, finding things I enjoyed could heal my broken heart, and tending to myself like I used to was like a soft tissue to all my tears. In my relationship, I was so invested in everyone's happiness and well-being that I'd forgotten that my happiness had to come before everyone else's, and only then could I find my inner peace. Walk with me alongside this journey of my findings, and the creation of my new identity because as of now I'll be IN SEARCH OF HER.

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