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For those who:

  • Want to unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose
  • Want more joy, fulfillment, and love 
  • Are you someone who deals with anxiety, or stress and is tired of feeling "stuck". Even possibly looking to make a change, but don't know where to start?  
  • Want to be more attuned to relationships, health, and creative expression 
  •  Want to unleash your true self 
  • Want to be authentic and unapologetically you

This program is designed to tear you down, and bring down your walls to find the core of who you are. We'll unpack everything in your personal and professional life from goals and dreams to sleep schedules and flower preferences. This program is designed to bring you to the deepest understanding of yourself that most never experience in their entire lives. Throughout, you'll go on a reflective and reformative journey that will completely revolutionize how you view yourself and your world.

Mental health journey 

My approach is designed to help you get out of a rut and help get you up off your couch. This technique is meant for you to start taking action and begin to better your life and situation today. If you are stuck staring at the pile of dishes procrastinating and overwhelmed full of anxiety and racing thoughts this is for you. In this program, we cover topics like self-help, how to succeed in life, and many more. This is a great way to help manage your mental health.

"Blue Greis Lifestyle Has been life-changing. Truly wonderful not to mention but Clisver is very respectful and understands my core values and wishes. Thank you so much."

- Niale

"Very friendly and respectful. Her method is simply life changing. Thank you so much Clisver. If it was not for you I don't know how I would have dealt with this situation. I am so honored to have worked with you. Your a great human being."

- Ana

" I just had to hire her as my coach she is the best!"

- Cynthia

Meet Clisver.

As someone who has dealt with Bipolar disorder since the age of sixteen, life has been a total roller coaster but I'm here today to say that I'm greater for having gone through it. My mission is to help those who are also suffering from a mental health diagnosis, having gone through this illness I know what it feels like to not be heard and be misunderstood. So I set out to empower and help you be the best you can be because you are worthy, and it's time for you to see your worth. I'm here to guide you on your road to happiness, success, and acceptance in living with your diagnosis. This journey will not be easy but it will let you see the value you withhold, learn to spot your virtues in what may seem like darkness. Look at the bright side of life. Remember every tunnel has an end, and at the end, there is a light.

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